Professional teeth whitening strips


  • Double action: gentle whitening+ gum protection
  • Intended for very sensitive teeth
  • shooting and nourishing your gums and teeth while whitening
  • contains coconut oil +hydrogen peroxide+ New patented P3 Technology®
  • helps prevent plaque buildup
  • 56 strips per pack
  • clinically tested
  • Sodium chlorite free


  1. Double action= gentle whitening+ gum protection
  2. Antibacterial
  3. Fighting bad breath
  4. Patented formulation

How to use


You would like to know

Peel, Apply, Smile!
White smile
in just
1 steps
Moisten teeth with tongue. Apply one strip (either side) to lower teeth, avoiding gumline.
Fold excess strip behind teeth. Strip will adhere to teeth. Repeat for upper teeth.
Allow to dissolve. The strips should be fully dissolved after approximately 15-20 minutes.

Xwhite® teeth whitening

The new era of painless teeth whitening and the end to soft tissue damage.
Xwhite® professional teeth whitening strips will allow you to enjoy the most easiest whitening and getting desired smile in just few simple steps. The patented technology enables fast and efficient whitening with the same result as professional in office whitening. The formula prevents the risk of damage to enamel and soft tissues and gives your teeth a new glamorous white color.

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Review highlights

Marija Debelić4 February, 2022
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„Super happy with my teeth whitening at home kit @xwhitestrips I’m using treatment twice a day for 14 consecutive days. Easy to apply and effective.“
Ana Ude8 March, 2022
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Ever since I first tried them @xwhitestrips are my go-to weapon for absolutely every event I want to shine at.
Monika10 March, 2023
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Great whitening strips, I am very satisfied and I want to commend you for the fast and efficient delivery.
Nikola18 October, 2021
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I have been using this product for some time, there is no need to be afraid of pain and similar side effects.
Ana Vladušić9 December, 2020
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“I discovered Xwhite treatment last year and was simply delighted to hear that it can also be used by people with paradentosis without fear”
Jasna8 April, 2021
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The best thing about them is that smokers can also use them, and they are easy to use due to melting.


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Xwhite teeth whitening strips contain either hydrogen peroxide or PAP as an active whitening agent. Both treatments, hydrogen peroxide and PAP use oxidizing action to break down stains and brighten the appearance of teeth, and both are safe to use and are used worldwide. Depending on the treatment you choose, Xwhite® professional teeth whitening strips; VISIBLE, GLAMOROUS EFFECTS or ADVANCED you can choose between peroxide and non-peroxide whitening treatment.
The whitening strips will ONLY whiten natural teeth. They will not affect caps, crowns, veneers, bridges, fillings or dentures. Do not use on loose teeth, temporary fillings or orthodontic appliances. Consult your dentist if you have any dental concerns.
Tipically after 4-8 applications (depending on treatment), although some people will notice a difference sooner. For best results complete the entire course of treatment. You may choose to do multiple courses of treatment depending on how white your teeth will be.
Yes, but such contact should be minimised to avoid gum irritation.
Do not brush your teeth before or immediately after use strips. If you wash your teeth, wait at least 30minutes. After whitening, rinse your mouth with water to remove any leftover whitening gel.
No. These white spots are temporary; they are not harmful and will disappear within 24 hours.
Yes, you can. It is perfectly safe to swallow saliva when using whitening strips.
If you experience tooth sensitivity and / or gum irritation whilst whitening your teeth,this is temporary and not harmful. To alleviate symptoms reduce the frequency of treatments or cease treatment until the sensitivity / irritation has subsided. If the problem persists, discontinue use and consult your dentist.
Though the whitening strips are non-harmful to the human body, it is advised that children under the age of 16 (18 in the European Union due to this being a legal requirement), pregnant women, and those sensitive to hydrogen peroxide should not use them. Patients with teeth sensitive to cold, heat or acid, or those who suffer from oral ulceration should discuss this with their prescribing dentist before undergoing a course of whitening treatment.
This depends on personal hygiene, dietary habits and smoking habits. After the use of whitening strips your teeth will gradually discolour. To keep your whiter smile for longer it is best to avoid smoking and consuming foods / drinks that stain your teeth e.g strong coloured foods / red wine / coffee etc. To maintain your white smile it is advised to repeat courses every 6-12 months,depending of treatment, or use 2-3 strips on a monthly basis.

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