Xwhite teeth whitening strips come in multiple forms, allowing you to choose the degree of whitening that works best for you.


For regular whitening and for sensitive teeth. Professional teeth whitening strips containing hydrogen peroxide. Completely safe for enamel and gums. Intended for regular whitening and for sensitive teeth. Refresh your breath with the irresistible taste of menthol.


For twice as fast whitening with new patented P3 Technology® Professional teeth whitening strips contain a patented concentration of ingredients for a complete whitening experience and long-lasting results. Hydrogen Peroxide + P3 Technology® works synergistically to increase the whitening effect and give results equivalent to the effect of 10% hydrogen peroxide. They remove surface and deep stains. Yummy taste of citrus for a complete experience of freshness.


Peroxide-free whitening. Professional teeth whitening strips provide peroxide-free whitening technology for safe and painless whitening. The patented PAP + P3 Technology ® formula provides a whitening effect as a formula with 6% hydrogen peroxide. Say goodbye to sensitive teeth.


GENTLE WHITENING & GUM PROTECTION Professional teeth whitening strips intended for very sensitive teeth provides whiter and brither smile together with shooting and nourishing your gums and teeth while whitening . Thanks to incorporation of the coconut oil into a hydrogen peroxide strip you can safely whiten your teeth and protect your gums with prevent plaque buildup. Use it for 14 days for white teeth and fresh breath. Enamel safe and dentist approved formula.

The science behind the white smile

Patented formulations of Xwhite strips developed and manufactured in the UK for SAFE, EFFECTIVE and PAINLESS whitening. PH SAFE, does not cause DEHYDRATION and HYPERSENSITIVITY of teeth.

Confirmed by dentists and users worldwide.

Peel, Apply, Smile!
White smile
in just
1 steps
Moisten teeth with tongue. Apply one strip (either side) to lower teeth, avoiding gumline.
Fold excess strip behind teeth. Strip will adhere to teeth. Repeat for upper teeth.
Allow to dissolve. The strips should be fully dissolved after approximately 15-20 minutes.

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Andrea Mitrovic

I just adore Xwhite strips

I did a 14 days treatment and all discoloration from coffee, food and drinks on my teeth disappeared like it were erased. After first treatment i decided to always have one pack of Xwhite strips in my bathroom storage and i use them before every important date or meeting. Literally wherever you are or go, you can wear them as they dissolve. I recommend Xwhite to all my friends who share my opinion after using. I take my hat off to Xwhite!

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